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AN Assurance of Quality

Our home inspections are pivotal for buyers, sellers, and owners alike, offering a crucial assessment of a property’s condition. They provide peace of mind to buyers by revealing potential issues, assist sellers in evaluating their property’s value accurately, and enable owners to maintain their homes effectively. Frontier Property Inspections stands out as the premier choice in Northeast Ohio, thanks to Austin’s unparalleled expertise, detailed reporting with Spectora, and a suite of specialized certifications. Trust us to deliver the thorough insight you need for any property decision.

A Mark of Excellence in Home Inspections

Our Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) designation is a testament to our commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest standards in the home inspection industry. This certification assures clients that Frontier Property Inspections possesses the knowledge, skills, and professionalism to conduct thorough and accurate inspections, making us the best choice for your home inspection needs in Northeast Ohio.

Certified Inspector


Every Corner Examined

Structural Elements

Our inspections meticulously cover structural elements, ensuring the integrity of foundations, roofs, and attics. We delve into basements and crawl spaces to assess their condition, while walls, floors, and ceilings are thoroughly evaluated for stability and potential issues, providing a solid understanding of the property’s structural health.

Exterior Evaluation

The exterior of the home undergoes a comprehensive assessment, focusing on the condition of siding and trim, the functionality of gutters and downspouts, and the integrity of driveways and walkways. Decks and porches are also inspected to ensure they are safe and properly maintained, completing the thorough evaluation of the property’s exterior.

Safety and Functionality

Our inspections prioritize safety and functionality, carefully checking fireplaces and chimneys for proper operation, inspecting stairways and railings for security, evaluating garages and garage doors for safety, and testing smoke detectors to ensure they are operational, contributing to the overall safety of the home.

Systems and Components

We conduct a detailed examination of the home’s systems and components, including the efficiency and safety of heating and cooling systems, the reliability of plumbing and electrical systems, and the condition of windows and doors, ensuring all are functioning correctly and efficiently.

Peace of Mind GUARANTEED

Frontier Property Inspections offers the InterNACHI Buy Back Guarantee, providing unmatched confidence in your inspection. If we miss anything during the inspection, InterNACHI will buy the home back at the purchase price. This guarantee underscores our commitment to thoroughness and accuracy, ensuring you can trust our inspections to make informed decisions about your property.


Committed to Clarity

At Frontier Property Inspections, we harness the power of Spectora, an advanced reporting tool that provides clear, detailed, and easily understandable reports. This technology ensures that every aspect of your inspection is meticulously documented, offering visuals and insights that empower you to make informed decisions. Spectora’s user-friendly reports mean you get the information you need, when you need it, enhancing your experience with us and ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Home Inspection Report



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